A Fiery Hint of Murder By 

C.F. Roe


The strange heat wave that hit Scotland had people whispering about witches, spells, and the supernatural...and so did the death of Morgan Stroud, science master at St. Jude's School for Boys. Dr. Jean Montrose had examined many corpses, but Stroud's mortal remains gave her chills. His body was burned to ashes, yet his hands and feet were untouched by the flames. The coroner excitedly proclaimed it a rare case of spontaneous human combustion. Detective Inspector Douglas Niven of the Perth police quietly disagreed. He knew Morgan Stroud had given many people-from his ex-wife to a former prize fighter to a boy dabbling in black magic-reasons to want him dead. But only Dr. Montrose suspected how this near-perfect crime was committed..and why the most volatile fuel for murder was a wonded heart. 

A Fiery Hint of Murder