Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons By

Blaize Clement 


Former Florida police officer turned pet-sitting sleuth is once again on the prowl. Dixie-no relation to you-know-who-is helping an elderly gentleman, Mr. Stern, take care of his orange shorthair cat, Cheddar. But it's Stern's infant granddaughter, Opal, who reallly wins Dixie's heart. Problem is that Opal's mother, Ruby, has some dangerous connections to certain local big-money honchos. Ruby has enough insider information to send them to prison for life....and they are willing to do anything, even threaten Opal's lif, to shut her up and preserve their ill-gotten gains. Now it's up to Dixie to protect Opal from harm-at all costs. And she must do it without letting law-enforcement people know-not even Detective Guidry, with whom she happens to be romantically involved. Does Dixie have her claws sunk in too deep to make it out of this one? Or are her nine lives finally up?

Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons


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