Dirty Proof By

Barbara Gregorich


Chicago's teeming with thugs, so it's a nice change for a streetwise P.I. when a sizzling readhead needs help beating a murder rap. Her exboyfriend was a rising newspaper executive until someone turned him into front page ooze when they tipped him into a painting press. Now the lady says she's innocent and Frank Dragovic's gut agrees but she has a maddening habit of incriminating herself whenever she opens her luscious mouth. Dragovic reckons this is one case that ought to be handled with rubber gloves when he unearths a triple-X trail of extortion, porngraphy and prostitution that points to a very unpopular coropse. Soon he's got a city full of suspects-and the police laying odds on the only one who's wormed her way under his skin. 

Dirty Proof