Double-Barrel Lassiter/ Guerilla/ The Man From Lordsburg By

Jack Slade


Lassiter- Snake mean, rawhide tough, he had the morals of a murderer and a gunhand like greased lightning. He took what he wanted-whether it was a bank, a woman or another man's life. 


The Man From Lordsburg- Texas Jack Chandler was scum-but he was rich scum. In the Lone Star State, his word was law; his gun was judge, jury and executioner. But he was in Kansas now, driving the biggest herd of cattle most people had ever seen. 


Guerilla- Lassiter found himself in the middle of a Mexican revolution. On one side was the government, a bunch of greedy, vicious politicians; on the other, a rag-tag army of renegades who would slit a throat at the drop of a sombrero. 

Double-Barrel Lassiter/ Guerilla/ The Man From Lordsburd


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