Looking For Peyton Place By 

Barbara Delinsky 


A picture-perfect New Hampshire town hides a history of sccandal and intrigue-a legacy Annie Barns has never shaken since growing up in tiny Middle River. Five decades ago the area was rocked by a bombshell of a book, Peyton Place, and its author, Grace Metalious, who seemed to know everyone's most intimate secrets. Now a bestselling novelist herself, Annie has come home to find answers to the strange circumstances of her mother's recent death, which leads her to uncover a shocking truth about the local paper mill. The townspeople fear Anni intends to pen a Peyto Place of her very own, and no one wants her stirring up trouble. But one intriguing man is captivated by Annie's determined spirit-and he wants to give the people of Middle River something to talk about...

Looking For Peyton Place


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