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Merlin part 2

Merlin By

James Mallory


Mab is the powerful Queen of Magic, but her cruel evil has turned the wizard Merlin into her implacable enemy. And Mab's sister, the Lady of the Lake, comes to Merlin's aid, giving him Excalibur. The singing Sword of the Just, held in the stone grip of a sleeping giant, released only to the hand of the man Mab most fears....

A good and true Christian King, Merlin's student....King Arthur Pendragon.

But Mab has her own disciple-or pawn. For, in a monstrous act of sorcery and sin, Arthur's half-sister, Morgan Le Fay, gives Mab the weapon she needs to ravage Arthur's kingdom nad Merlin's dreams of peace....

A child, Mordred.

Ans the Magic that raised a kingdom may be the Magic that destroys it.