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Milk Glass Moon

Milk Glass Moon By

Adriana Trigiani 


Ave Maria Mulligan MacChesney was never a devotee of tarot cards and crystal balls. But when the fortune-teller at the county fair suggests she "redream" her life, Ave Maria figures maybe a little redirection is in order. After all, her daughter has hit every parent's nightmare: puberty. Avve Maria used to think that motherhood was life's one permanent job, but not anymore. It's the only one in which yours skills become totally obsolete overnight. So in the face of coed parties, starter bras, and frank sex talks-and with her husband, Jack, playing the cool, mellow dad- Ave Maria tries to prepare herself for the day when Etta will rebel big time. Everyone is Big Stone Gap knows it's coming: Crusty cashier Fleeta has warned her, delightfully naughty Iva Lou has consoled her, even new mother Pearl understands-but that doesn't make it any easier. From the bottom of the Cumberland Gap to the top of Craker's Neck Holler, and across the ocean to the Italian Alps of her family's homeland, Ave Maria's world will never be quite the same again...wspecially now that there's a teenager smack dab in the middle of it.