Rumble Tumble By

Joe R. Lansdale


Bouncing at a local club by night and living by the grace of his best friend Leonard Pine and his good woman Brett Sawer by day, Hap Collins is down but a long throw from out. That's the good news. He'll need it for the bad. On the hard road from mosquito-ridden LaBorde, Texas, to the fleshpots and hardasses of Hootie Hoot, Oklahoma, Hap will have to handle a redheaded midget with a giant attitude and an army of bikers turned vice profiteers and blood-cold killers. All for the quick rescue of Brett's daughter Tillit-a drugged-out, trick-turning prodigal who doesn't care to be found. It'll be a ride, all right. Just leave the shooting to Hap, and the driving to Leonard.

Rumble Tumble


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