Shadow of Doubt By 

Jonnie Jacobs


Kali O'Brien has just about seen it all, representing the bizarre, the tragic, and the out-and-out dangerous in the San Francisco law firm. But nothing could prepare her for the trial awating her in the sleepy Sierra hometown she throught she'd left behind. The defendant is a friend from Kali's past, Jannine Marrero. Though all the evidence suggest that the quiet housewife brutally murdered her husband in cold blood, something compels Kali to defend her-a move that could be the greatest mastake of her life. As Kali is drawn deeper into a morass of sexual scandal, blackmail, and dark secrets, she begins to doubt everything she's ever believed about her past...and everyone she ever thought she could trust. And somewhere in the shadows, a killer is waiting to strike the moment Kali discovers the shocking truth..

Shadow of Doubt


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