The Hippopotam By 

Elizabeth Peters 


A masked stronger offers to reveal on Egyptian queen's lost tomb...and Amelia Peabody and her irascible archaeologist husband are intrigued, to say the least. When the guide mysteriously disappears before he tells his secret, the Peabodys sail to Thebes to follow his trail, helped-and hampered-by their teenaged son, Ramses, and beautiful ward, Nefret. Before the sands of time shift very far, all will be risking their lives foiling murderers, kidmappers, gave robbers, and ancient curses. And the Hippoptamus Pool? It's a legend of war and wits that Amelia is translating, one that alerts her to a hippo of a different type-a nefarious, overweight art dealer who may become her next archenemy!

The Hippopotamus Pool


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