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The Next President

The Next President By

Joseph Flynn


J.D. Cade was trained to kill by his country. He did his duty and put the past behind him. Or so he thought. Now someone is using his only son as a pawn to force him to kill again. And this time the target is Franklin Delano Rawley-the first African-American on the verge of becoming the president of the United States. In order to spare Rawley's life and save his own son, J.D. must somehow find out who is behind the conspiracy. But his every move is being watched by his blackmailer. He has drawn the attention of a suspicious Secret Service agent. And he has met an old army "friend" working in the Rawley campaign. Just as troubling manager. Time is running out. When J.D. finally pulls the trigger, who will live and who will die? Rawley? J.D.'s son? Or J.D. himself? Joseph Flynn defies you to guess the answer in this edge-of-your-seat thriller.