The Red Scream By

 Mary Willis Walker


Tough, stubborn, and relentless as all drills that hammer her native Texas landscape, Molly Cates writes about death for Lone Star Monthly. The subject of her first book was Louie Bronk, a.k.a. the Texas Scalper, a brutal serial killer scheduled for execution. In a macabre gesture, Bronk has invited Molly to his last day on earth along with several of his final victim's relatives. With the execution only days away, Cates figures to write the last chapter on her disturbing relationship with the most evil she will face pressure to back off the story from the most unlikely sources: her boss at Lone Star Monthly and the husband of the woman whose murder got Bronk the death penalty. Then comes tthe poem from an anonymous letter writer whose lines contain a chilling message


The Red Scream


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