The Snake, The Crocodile and The Dog By

Elizabeth Peters


Aboard a bost traveling up the Nile, with ther delightful (but catastrophically precocious) son, Ramses, back in England, Amelia Peabody and her handsome husband, Radcliffe Emerson, seek a second honeymoon while they search for Nefertiti's tomb. But a beautifully exotic slave woman and conspirators threaten to destroy Amelia's happiness unless she reveals a secret she cannot ethically, morally, or in any other way disclose. Arriving at a remote desert site the Emerson-Peabodys soon confront numerous dangers behind the sand dunes, including a disguised villain in their midst. And now, as Amelia comes tantalizingly close to the most fabulous discovery sice King Tut's tomb, she'll unearth a shocking present-day peril: the loss of treasures far more precious than any antiquity- her husband's love or both their lives!

The Snake, The Crocodile and The Dog


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