Thunder on the Mountain By

David Poyer


Thunder on the Mountain revisits the terrible winter of 1936 in western Pennsylvania, where a strike to organize the workers in the Thunder Oil Company starts after a refinery disaster exposes the company's contempt for workers' safety. W.T. "Kid Nitro" Halvorsen, a young boxer ans well shooter, becomes a leader of the strike against Daniel Thunner's beloved family company-a strike that draws national attention, not to mention the arrival of ruthless strikebreaker Pearl Deatherage and of determined CIO organizer Doris Gurley Golden. As the unrest spreads in scale and fury, Halvorsen and Thunner must put their ideas of honor and morality to the test. In a high-stakes game of one-upmanship and violence, who will prove himself king of the mountain?

Thunder on the Mountain


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